Charming guesthouse near Grenoble

All our charming guestrooms and bathrooms have been refurbished to ensure our guests have a comfortable stay.

Abelli Grey

for 2 people and folding cot


Enjoy your stay in the Abelli Grey room with a private jacuzzi and double shower. King-size bed and a view of the Belledonne mountain range.

  • For a romantic stay, newly-weds, or simply to relax.
  • Pamper yourself with Isabelle's beauty treatments.
  • Prolong your wedding day with an exceptional night in our Abelli Grey room.

Just a 10-minute walk to Château du Touvet and a few more to the GMK reception venue and Château du Mollard.

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Abelli Brown

for 3 people and folding cot


Contrasting the comfort of fur with industrial style, Abelli Brown is a serene haven.


King-size bed and Italian shower, to sleep up to 3 people.  Choose a double or twin beds - we can adapt the room to your needs.


Abelli Green is close by if you need a larger room with privacy for the whole family.


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Abelli Green

For 3 people


Abelli Green offers a more modern, "street" atmosphere.


Check out the superb furniture created and designed by our friend Erwan at Wan Création. We have his cards ready!


With a king-size bed (180x200), single bed and Italian shower, Abelli Green provides serenity out of this world!


Talk a peaceful walk around the area to wind down completely.


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You can also enjoy meals in our dining room.

Abelli Blue

For 2 people and folding cot


Can you see the enticing pool through the leaves of our majestic fig tree?


Enjoy a well-deserved rest in Abelli Blue with a king-size bed (180x200) or twin beds if you prefer.


With an Italian shower and cement tiles in the recently redecorated bathroom.


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Abelli Zen

For 2 people and folding cot


It is unique, and what’s more, white is not a colour, so we called it "Zen".


Need time out to get away from it all? Our Zen room is just what you need! With a white and wood decor, Abelli Zen is the ideal choice for a restful stay to recharge your batteries.


Abelli Zen has a king-size bed (160 X 200), an Italian shower, and its own rocking chair. A cosy bed with white linen for peaceful dreams.


Treat yourself to Isabelle’s personalised beauty treatments by the Si Belle en Soi beauty salon!

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